Cara - same moon - January One

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Madame Xanadu gives June a necklace that she cannot remove, which together with a ring to be held by someone else creates a feedback loop preventing the Enchantress from using magic for evil as a temporary measure. She also raises an army to destroy the town and perform terror attacks as stated in the first mission. [18] [19] June then discovers that her Enchantress persona is in fact a separate evil entity from another dimension fused with her, not simply a manifestation of magic. She learned this when she and other Squad members joined Nightshade on a mission to free her homeland, the Nightshade dimension. There, she found out that the Incubus, who took over that dimension, is the brother of the Dzamor, who merges with her to give her the power of the Enchantress. The Incubus [20] rips his sister out of June, leaving her powerless. Shortly afterwards, June disappears from the Suicide Squad for unknown reasons.

Until the late 1950s, little was known about the far side of the Moon. Librations of the Moon periodically allowed limited glimpses of features near the lunar limb on the far side. These features, however, were seen from a low angle, hindering useful observation. (It proved difficult to distinguish a crater from a mountain range.) The remaining 82% of the surface on the far side remained unknown, and its properties were subject to much speculation.

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On the August 12 SmackDown , Arias made his WWE debut, taking over the role of Sin Cara from Luis Urive , the former CMLL Místico, who was serving a 30-day suspension for violating WWE's wellness program , and defeated Tyson Kidd . [6] [26] Arias reprised his role of Sin Cara the following week, taking part in a battle royal to determine the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship , from which he was the last man eliminated by the winner, Mark Henry . [27] On August 20, Urive took back the role of Sin Cara for a live event. At the following tapings of SmackDown , Arias once again appeared under the mask. [28] [29] On the August 30 SmackDown , Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan and attacked Bryan after the match, turning heel for the first time. [30]

1 c. oat flour (or see this post for a good substitute)*
1 c. millet flour (or see this post for a good substitute)*
½ c. arrowroot powder
½ c. tapioca starch
¼ c. buckwheat flour

Cara - Same MoonCara - Same MoonCara - Same MoonCara - Same Moon