Astral social club - #17 - LUCK FORECAST - 2015 - 16 - ASTRAL REFLECTIONS

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It's the sixth annual  Everyone's Hungover , our favorite annual party, which kicks off the new year in traditionally bright and bleary fashion. The stories are still fondly remembered by many staff and frequent patrons who've attended the first few years of this epic disaster-day. We like to think of this as starting our year off with a bang.

The Leaders of the Club and Council, its foremost Lords Cardinal, were the White King, Edward Buckman , and the White Queen, Paris Seville . The Lords Cardinal were given titles corresponding to the names of chess pieces. Buckman threw the Council's support behind Project Armageddon, which was scientist Steven Lang 's program to build Sentinel robots and have them hunt down mutants. Knowing Shaw was, himself, a mutant, Buckman told him that the Project was intended to capture mutants for use by the council in seeking power. However, Frost, through her psionic powers, learned that the project was actually intended as a means of destroying all mutants. After Shaw chose Emma over two other women, and brutally murdered them in front of her, their union was official. Together, Shaw and Frost staged a coup that gave them control of the Council of the Chosen, which they renamed the Inner Circle . Shaw took the title of Black King and Frost became the new White Queen. [21] [22]

One of the greatest benefits of this 13 months is the deep rest and rejuvenation it offers. Our bodies and psyches progress in cycles, and this is the sweetest and healthiest rest cycle in 13 years. This rejuvenation is important, as autumn 2016 into 2017 will bring one of the luckiest romantic, creative and pleasure periods of your life – but it won’t flower at maximum if you’re exhausted, your eyes are tired, and your brain’s weary. So take every opportunity to nap, to rest in Mother Nature’s bosom (back yard, camping trips, etc.) and to cure any small  but nagging health complaints. In some ways, you are about to be reborn!

These shuttles are an important piece of space history and it would be great to see them get better treatment. The Buran programme was Russia’s reusable spacecraft plan that was hobbled by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Only one unmanned mission flew during the program and the orbiter was later crushed in a hanger collapse. The program was indefinitely suspended in 1993 and one test vehicle in great condition resides at the Technik Museum Speyer .

Zombies are featured widely in Haitian rural folklore as dead persons physically revived by the act of necromancy of a bokor , a sorcerer or witch. The bokor is opposed by the houngan or priest and the mambo or priestess of the formal voodoo religion . A zombie remains under the control of the bokor as a personal slave, having no will of its own.

“I loved this book … [It] really digs deep into Otto – from his relationship with his scars and what they mean for his life to his feels on Russel, showbiz, his childhood and where he is in his life at age 26. Reading what motivates him was fascinating because he is the very  different  character in the Russel universe–which of course make the title of this book very appropriate. … I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing where Otto goes from here.”
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Astral Social Club - #17Astral Social Club - #17Astral Social Club - #17Astral Social Club - #17